Green Warriors Exclusive Health Retreat – Oct 2nd-6th

One of the biggest problems we see with people looking to transform their health and instil new healthy habits into their lives, is that they don’t believe in themselves enough to fully commit to a life of healthy living, or they don’t fully understand how to do it. So earlier this year we decided that it would be amazing to take a bunch of motivated health seekers and immerse them in the same way of living that has transformed our lives.

Back in early february we did exactly that and ran our very first exclusive health retreat, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of our lives! We were able to bond with and meet some incredible people who were all on different stages of their health journey’s, and create friendships that will last a lifetime. One guy Michael, came to the retreat in a very poor state of health, suffering from the horrible Crohn’s disease amongst other problems, and was eventually able to completely transform his health and his life with the information and support he received at the retreat. You can watch his incredible story here.

Here is another video to show you some more testimonials and highlights from the retreat.

We are now very excited to be running our second retreat from Oct – 2nd – 6th. It will be held at the same location as the last retreat, which is the beautiful Victorian Alpine village known as Dinner Plain, only 15 minutes from mount Hotham.

dinner plain housedinner plain village 2dinner plain village

Each day we will prepare all of your meals made exclusively from beautiful organic wholefood fruits and vegetables. All of your meals will be prepared for you personally by Tegan as well as our helpers.

tegan with fruitrice paper rollspapaya banana boatsdinner plain lunchdinner plain dinnerdinner plain fridgesalad

Each day we will also be running nutrition and health education classes to help you understand on a deep philosophical and scientific level as to how and why a wholefood plant based diet is the ultimate diet if you are looking for superior health and vitality.

dinner plain nutrition sessiongreenwarriors workbook

On top of that we will also be holding daily nature hikes through the beautiful woodlands and mountains of Dinner Plain, as well as daily yoga, exercise, and meditation sessions, visits to beautiful waterfalls, star gazing, live music with Matt (who plays guitar and sings), and also documentary viewing. dinner plain hikenature walk dinner plainMatt in Dinner Plain water fallmatt and tegan dinner plainyogaben and elledocumentary viewing

This retreat is designed to help you escape the hectic city life, and immerse yourself in an environment of beautiful air, surroundings, nature, and also beautiful food and people. Everything from the food to the activities are all organised, so all you need to do is take some deep breath’s, relax, and enjoy yourself.

The only thing you might have to worry about is getting a blown tyre on the way up there, which Matt unfortunately experienced 😛

matt and blown tyre

Tegan has worked on retreats up in Qld that cost $3000-5000 plus to attend and she knows from her personal experience that our retreat offers easily as much if not more value than any of the highy expensive ones. We want our retreat to not only be an incredible experience for you but also to be as affordable as possible.

We are only charging $1295 per person to cover all expenses, this includes 4 nights of accommodation with your own room and bathroom, all food (which will be nearly all organic and extremely fresh), and all activities including nutrition classes, yoga and meditation sessions, documentary viewings, take home work info booklets, and one on one time with Matt and Tegan who will also personally analyse and help you create a healthy diet plan. We really do believe that this is great value!

To help make this even more affordable, up until August 6th we are running an early bird discount of $300. So if you book by August 6th you only have to pay $995, and to lock in your spot you only need to pay a deposit of $250 with the full amount to be paid by September 1st. Also, if you are coming with a friend or a partner and are happy to stay in the same room with them then it will only be $895 each.

There are only 8 bedrooms in the house and they are filling up fast so please don’t hesitate to book in your spot if you believe this retreat is something that can help transform your life.

For booking enquiries please email Matt at

To your great health, Matt and Tegan


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